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I'm not sure this post will help but I'm looking for translators ^_^

  • Price range $3 to $5 a song unless it is long or a complete rap song then a little more
  • Payment through paypal
  • able to find lyrics online (no booklet scans)
  • Both Romaji and English translation
  • See my journal for the types of songs.
  • I'm flexible with turn around time just please within a couple of weeks for under 3 songs Under six months for 20 songs ^_^;
  • Please have a few references of translations if possible

Also if anyone is interesting is translating makings of PVs or clip under all under 20 minutes feel free to contact me with a price range as well.  I would love you forever, even if you only want to do it for groups that you are interested in :)

You can email at, pm me, or leave a message below.  This post will be screened :)
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Ioften see posts in communities and other place along with people asking where I buy stuff. Is this site safe? Is this seller any good? So I thought I would make this post talking about my experiences and where I buy stuff. LJ is a great place to find people that sell JE stuff but the downside of it is that their isn't a lot of good ways to tell if the seller is trustworthy. Feedback post can and are a lot of times screened and you don't even know if they are. I've already had one seller screen my feedback even though it was neutral and not bad just stating they didn't full-fill my order but gave me a refund. I do want to say this though this is my own personal experiences other people might have not had any problems with seller or vise-versa. I will not screen this post so you can state opposing viewpoint just don't get nasty about it. I'm also not going to include those that don't sell alot and are just trying to get rid of their small personal collections.

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Curious about my PV playlist? I thought I would post my the playlist that has all the PVs I watch all the time. I originally started subbing because I couldn't find the PVs I liked subbed so I thought this might be an interesting post for people. Most of the PVs I watch are subbed but there a few unsubbed ones in here also alot of JE PVs haven't been subbed by me but by others.

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Although I do occasionally do wallpapers and icons I usually don't mess with posting them.  But since the header I just did is based of the current wallpaper I made for my desktop I thought  I would share the wallpaper.  Feel free to use it as you like.

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I'm finally getting down to the last of the UVERworld Pvs so I thought it was about time to post this. Because PV discographies are a lot of work for groups with over 10 PVs I won't take request for them. After subbing UVERworld and TMR groups I like but don't love I found I end up losing enjoyment of the group by subbing all the PVs by them. [Poll #1675631]

No Internet

Mar. 2nd, 2011 06:19 pm
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I've don't have high speed internet access right now. I need to have a repair man come and look at it but unfortunately with my new job at simply not at home alot. I'm not sure when I will be able to get it fix since I have to be home to get it done. Right now I found a way to use my laptop but the speed isn't really great. It took me over an hour to download 100 MB so uploading subs right now really isn't an option. I have been working on some PVs TMR Heat Capacity, Vistlip Strawberry Butterfly and D's Kuon are all done. I had to work with the translations I had on hand since I haven't had internet access for the last couple of days at all. I will try to keep everyone updated but you will have to wait a little before I can get things fixed.
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I got a question for the Gackt fans. I just got the Yellow Fried Chickenz Dvd. I'm somewhat disappointed in it since it is filmed more like a fancam than a concert dvd and we see more of his fans than his performance. I have considered subbing it since there is a great deal of fan service and I love the track list. I don't know if anyone out there is even subbing Gackt's concerts so that is also why I'm considering doing it. [Poll #1677260]
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I recently got a new scanner and I'm curious on how high of a resolution on scans are you interested in seeing? I normally scan at 300 & 600 dpi are people interested in higher?[Poll #1643214]


Oct. 18th, 2010 12:26 pm
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I now have a tweeter account to go with this journal



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