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Curious about my PV playlist? I thought I would post my the playlist that has all the PVs I watch all the time. I originally started subbing because I couldn't find the PVs I liked subbed so I thought this might be an interesting post for people. Most of the PVs I watch are subbed but there a few unsubbed ones in here also alot of JE PVs haven't been subbed by me but by others.

And - Blindness
Angelo - El Dorado, Rainbow(live)
Aqua - Timez Ayumi
Arashi - Lucky man, To be Free, My Girl
Back-On - New World, One Step
BreakerZ - Bunny Love, Real Love 2010, ClimberXClimber
Choshinsei - Evidence of Luv, Ai no Kotaba
D - In the name of Justice, Kaze Ga Mekuru Page, Tightrope, Kuon
Daichi Miura - Answer, Free Style , Southern Cross
D Date Change my Life
d-out - One, Shangiri-La
Gackt Returner, Ever, Ghost, Jesus, Mirror Unplugged, Redemption, Returner, Vanilla
Gakido- Mou Nakanai to Sora
Guild - Uso Ja Nai
HSJ - Your Seed, Mayonake no Shadow Boy, Arigatou sekai no doko ni itemo
June - Baby it's you
Kagrra - Chigiri, Tsuki ni Murakumo hana ni Ame, Utakata, Rin, Satsuki, Shiki
Kanjani8 - Osaka Rainy Blues
Kat-Tun - Bokura no Machi de, Change UR World, Don't U Ever Stop, Lover Yourself, D Motion, No More Pain, One Drop, REal Face(Ueda version) Signal, Ultimate Wheels, White
Lc5 - Refrain
Magamasso - Hanabira, Chimes, Twilight Star(live)
Monolith - Byakuya
Move - Dogfight
Yampi - One in a millon, Loveless
Nightmare - White Room
Oz - Pressed Flower
Screw - Duality, Deep Six, Gather Roses
Sincrea - Glas no Namida
Smap - Kono Toki, Kitto You Jya Nai, Love and Peace inside, Sotto Kyutto
SS501 - 4 Chance, Love ya, Fighter, Love like this, You are my Heaven
Sunset Swish - Arigato, passion
Tackey and Tubasa - Ai wa Takaramono, Samurai
Tegomass- Ai gasa, Kiss Karimichi(both versions) Tanabata Matsuri
TMR - Albiero, Heart of the Sword, High Pressure, Naked Arms, Thunderbird, Venus, Vestige, Wild Rush
Uverworld - Chance, D-techonolife, gekidou, Shaka Beach
Vistlip - Alone, Strawberry butterfly
Vivid - Yome Mugen no Kanata
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