Jun. 16th, 2011

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Translation by Kiwi Musume
Subbing by Ambers79

Comments: It seems like it has been a while since I subbed a Kagrra PV, I don't have many translations yet since I'm still wait for them but I did have one for this song. The more I watch and listen to Kagrra the more I miss them.  They really do stand out from all the other J-rock bands out there.  Their looks and PVs often time are real pleasure to watch even though I wouldn't call their members incredibly sexy/cute. Their sound also is slightly different than most of the stuff out their making it easy to know I'm listen to a Kagrra song..  Satsuki is no exception.  The into has the koto in it tipping the song off as a Kagrra song and although this song is incredibly repetitious I didn't even notice because of the wonderful instrumentals and the pv.  Once again we have a geisha girl that gets painted as the band plays in an old water front shack.  The ambiance of the PV fits the melancholy song perfectly.  Kagrra as always is a highly recommend group to download and watch ^_^

Avi Raw   131 MB-->  MF  MU
Avi subbed 77 MB-->
MF  |  MU
Ipod subbed  24MB-->
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ass 7 KB-->
MF  |  MU
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Curious about my PV playlist? I thought I would post my the playlist that has all the PVs I watch all the time. I originally started subbing because I couldn't find the PVs I liked subbed so I thought this might be an interesting post for people. Most of the PVs I watch are subbed but there a few unsubbed ones in here also alot of JE PVs haven't been subbed by me but by others.

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