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Birthdate:Jul 12
Location:Iowa, United States of America

This journal originally started out as a place to post my subbed PVs. had decided early on to sub PVs for less popular groups and unlike the JE groups that have multiple communities many of the groups that I wanted to sub were not so fortunate. This journal gives me a place to post my work while leaving my own journal free of download clutter that many of my friends aren't interested in. I also decided to add the links to scans that before I had only posted in group communities. I also decided to post some of my music collection since it goes along well with the subbed PVs that I have been doing. So this journal has basically ended up being a dumping place for all my music related media.

I friend everyone usually with a day or so. The only exception is if you have no friends, no entries, no profile, and you just joined.

I know a lot of subbers have rules about use of their files. Even people that just scan stuff do. Putting a bunch of rules here is meaningless. The whole point of me subbing this stuff is to increase the fanbase of the artists I'm subbing. Making people jump through hoop to get the files defeats the purpose. Also as someone that downloads stuff I often times find it annoying as well. After all if you are new to a group you probably don't want to spend alot of time trying to get access to the files. Also people will either have the common curtsy to credit me or they won't. If someone is going to take the files and claim them as their own then they probably aren't concerned with rules anyway. 

I don't own the rights to the stuff I'm sharing so it is hypocritical of me to get upset at people stealing it. Yes subbing is time consuming, even scanning is time consuming, not to mention upload times. Depending on the PV it takes me at least:

1hr- to find and download or rip the PV I'm subbing and find translations
1 1/2 to 3 hr- to time it
1 hr or more - to typeset and add effects
1/2 hr - to hard code it and convert it
1/2 to 1 hr - to upload it
1/2 hr- to post it

That is a minimum of 5 hours and most of the time it does take longer especially if a song is really long or complex. So yes I do have a lot of work and time invested in subbing. Scanning is also tedious and time consuming as well. That being said the important thing is people have access to these files and hopeful decide to buy cds/dvds from thees artists. Would I like to receive comments? Yes it is always incentive to do more, but not mandatory. Crediting is also nice and is common curtsy but I'm not going to police my files. Nor am I going to hinder people from trying to get them. All I ask is that you please consider buying from the artist if you like them. Even if it is a single cd it does help them. I'm giving you the files to preview but in the end I'm really hoping you'll get into a group enough to consider buying something from them. For me that would make the time I'm putting in worth it.

Programs I Use
Winxdvd DVD Ripper
Winx Hd Video Converter

Media I Post
Scans of Visual Kei Magazines like arena37, Fool's Mate, ShoXX
Scans of JE Shops: Mostly Kat-Tun(Ueda heavy), Hey!Say!Jump!, and SMAP
Scans of Photo books
Scans of CD booklets
Dvd rips of LE cds
Cd rips of singles and Albums

What I Sub
Mainly PVs since I'm not a translator I have to find or buy all the translations I use. I prefer to do PVs that I haven't been subbed before but I don't spend a lot of time checking to see if a PV has been subbed or not. I basically choose what PVs to sub on a whim. My criteria is either I like the song, PV concept, or there is a sexy guy in the group. Yes it is shallow but I love eye-candy. I only do JE by request or if it hasn't been done. I love Kat-Tun but their stuff has been subbed multiple times by people far better than me where there are lots of groups that haven't got a single PV subbed. I still don't do a lot of JE but sometimes I can't help myself :-D

Groups I'm Interested In

Acid Black CherryAlice NineAngeloAsagi
GacktGakido KaggraLc5
PierrotScrewShinsengumi Rien Sid
SUGSunset SwishSS501T.M. Revultion
The KiddieThe GazetteUverworldVamps

A note on this list. It is growing. I've been into JE since feb 2010 and I've only been in Visual Kei/J-Rock since Aug. 2010 so suggestions are always welcome.



She does translations 3 songs for $10 and her turn around time is usually only a couple of days :) She also has a huge amount of songs already translated.


Lots of T.M.R. Translations and also a lot of anime songs translations. She also does translations for a small fee.


Another site with a huge list of song translations. She also does translations for $5 a song.

Aqua Timex Stuff

Translation of Aqua timez songs done by coolcwer

BreakerZ Fansite
Has almost all of BreakerZ song translated.

Fansite ran by amaiakuyume that has all Gackt's songs translated

Quartet 4
Nightmare Fan site

PV Downloads
Visual Asia

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