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Don't be scared even though I say friends only you don't have to do anything except hit the add as friend button. I don't expect you to comment or do anything I have just locked the journal since it has a lot of download links in it.

This Journal is basically full of scans of stuff that I have bought. This includes: Johnny's Shops, Magazines, Concert Goods, and other things

It also has any PV that I sub. I'm not a translator so the translations are from others and I have done the subbing. If you have a translation and want me to sub it feel free to contact me at or comment here.

I also have put up download links to music/dvds. I'm to lazy to upload all of my Gackt and Kat-Tun stuff but I will upload their most recent cds. I will be uploading any new stuff that I buy including scans of the booklets.I will be uploading only OOP LE from now on or one preview album/single from a group

There are no real rules. I'm sharing these things since I am a fan of the various groups and wish to sharing them with others. Crediting is nice but I'm not a bitch that will hunt you down. I don't own the copyright to this stuff so I have no right to get upset if someone *steals* it. Keep in mind that only pertains to my work/scans. None of the translations are done by me although I do pay to have some of them done, so don't try to use them without crediting, or the translator WILL hunt you down.

If you are looking for something more about me or some of my other interests you can check out my personal journal -->[info]ambers79 

NEW I will be a little slower in adding people for a little while simply because RL has rudely interrupted my play time :)  I will try to check every couple of days but please bear with me^^;  


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