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I'm waiting rather impatiently from Megavideo to convert my MU links so I can post Another World and Filmy. Once again problems occurred when I found a problem in Filmy and had to fix it re-encode and upload it again. Actually I had to encode it twice since I noticed another problem. All those multiple growling english lines that were a pain in the ass to sub in the first place threw things off.

I'm more than a little bouncy despite my problems since I got an email for Kiwi :D So now I get have some translations not only for the remaining D=Out songs but Shojo Lolita 23ku a group I've been wanting to sub. Down side is she can't find lyrics for the Dual Jewel songs I picked out or Penicillin's Will, or ~OZ~'s Colors. Dual Jewel is OOP at CDJapan I might have to check out Yesasia I guess, the rest I'm not interested enough to buy them. Still I think now I will be able to get all the Kagrra songs I need translated. Most of the songs on the concert dvd actually come for the Indies Best album that they just put out, and is already in the mail to me :) The rest I have scans for except for three which hopefully Kiwi will be able to do. I also got a shipment notice a few days ago that the concert dvd is in the mail, I'm rather excited.

I also got the translations back from Tetris already, she is super fast :) So now I have all these good things to sub and no time :( I work the next three day 10+ hours so now I'm super excited to sub stuff and no time. Not only that I only have 1 page of the SMAP scantalation done and I chose Tv Life 2011.01.1 for my next project for Babel. I'm not sure what to work on first :) I know posting the pvs I've got done, if Megavideo doesn't have them converted soon I'll just post them without the preview and post the MV links later.


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