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I'm rather sleepy even though it isn't really bed time yet :) Despite my last tweeter update I actual did do something this week. ~OZ~ Filmy is done and uploading right now and I just finished timing Gackt's Another World. I finished up the subbing project for Babel despite the fact that I was being an air head and mixing up songs, but the second one has hit a snag of sorts. More like me being way to picky.

I'm working on Popolo 4-11 because I like the photos and member ai but the scan quality is horrible. It is the first time I've actually seen scans with long hair scanned in with the pages ^_^;. That would have been no problem, an easy fix, but the opposite pages are bleeding through which once again I could fix but I can't fix the warped images. I have no clue how they were even able to scan it and got this result @_@. I thought ok I'll ignore it, it isn't that noticeable except of course one of the warped images is on Ueda's page, if you haven't guessed by the massive Ueda shops in this journal he is my fav. JE member. I was just going to deal with it but then got to looking on the last page which is small images and huge amount of text and the LQ scanning really seeps through so off to Yesasia I go. I was thinking of picking up another Gackt Magazine anyway even though I hate the buzz cut he now has so I dropped in the Popolo issue I was working on. I notice it also listed Kis-my-ft2 so I guess I will scan off those pages as well. I don't have alot of patience I guess but if I'm going to work on something I want it to look good when I'm done especially considering the massive amount of time cleaning and typesetting takes. I would hate to put 12 or more hours in a project only for it to look poor.

I'm also working on another small scantalation project aside from Babel. I have a few SMAP fanclub booklets. They're not very big only a few pages but I scanned vol97 off which was a new years resolution one and had Tetris translate it. So I'll eventually be posting that along with the scanned raw within the next couple of weeks.

Tetris is already working on the first batch of CDs I got for June oddly enough they were the middle to end of June's releases since TMR's Flag held up the first part of June's releases. I'm having her translate Alice Nine, Acid Black Cherry, Choshinsei, and Versailles new singles. Choshinsei will probably be first. You'll notice one single is missing that I had talked about ordering. I was tricked, I listened to a small clip of Born's new single and thought it sounded at least marginally normal. I figured they might be like AND that had alot of songs I just consider noise but a few marginal ones that I would enjoy. The chorus isn't bad the rest is noise. I knew Born was outside of my target listening but the clip did sound good... It isn't even maginal enough for me to sub since even the PV doesn't do anything for me, the live was actually a little better, still not my cup of tea, so not Born is off my to buy list permanently.

The rest of the stuff I preordered for June should be here soon since it shipped out soon after the stuff I just got. That means I'll finally get the UVERworld PVs updated along with TMR. Vistlip, another Monolith, and The Gazette are also in there. Although I don't know if I will sub Vortex. I also ordered D'eiz's Less. Now I'm not really sure there is a PV on the single even if there is a dvd it is rather unclear. There aren't any rips floating around so I kind of doubt it. But I haven't seen any rips of anything so I'm not sure what is on the DVD, there is suppose to be a PV for the song but I'm not sure what is going on. D'eiz is rather new and I don't think really popular yet so that could be why I can't find anything.

I also ordered Gackt new single both RE and LE tonight along with the type A version of Vivid's Blue both LE for Guild and Breakerz new singles. That takes care of July except for D=Out at the end of month and a Rurouni Kenshin album. It seems a little weird they are putting out and album of such an old anime show but I loved Rurouni Kenshin it is my favorite anime so I will probably buy the soundtrack even though the cost of it make me think I'm an idiot. Of course now I'm broke for the next two weeks. It doesn't sound like I ordered much but that ended up being 12758 yen or $158. That combined with the $40 worth of mag and replacing my Kindle ate my paycheck. Now I pay the few bills I have left and wait for my next pay day, so I can order Kat-Tun and Kis-my-ft2's new singles. I kept wondering when Kis-my-ft2 was finally going to release something ^_^

That's it for updates I guess. I still haven't found a translator except Tetris although I did find scans for Tackey and Tsubsa's Treasure Trip so I should be able to sub them soon as long as Tetris doesn't get tired of me. I really appreciate the fact she continues to take all the translation work I throw at her. It is a pain trying to search around and find people that have translated songs and hope they will lend them to me. I guess I should study more but if I actually get fluent in Japanesse I would probably stop subbing. There wouldn't really be any reason to since I wouldn't need the subs to watch PV and there isn't a lot of appreciation to subbing PVs, 20 to 100 downloads and not even 5 thanks sometime not even 1. There are very few entries in this journal that have over 5 comments or more. There are a few people that always at least thank me which I love them for. If I didn't watch the majority of the PVs I sub there just wouldn't be a lot of reason to spend hours and hours subbing stuff. Since I use the subs myself I don't care about recognition but I think I would care alot more if didn't use them. So maybe I shouldn't study more :P

PS yet the The Gazette scans will be posted tomorrow :)

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Date: 2011-06-30 03:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hiiiii! I actually like to hear you ramble about random stuff, lol, because your comments are always really interesting to read. I always find the little blurbs you put at the bottom of your PVs insightful, and even though I may not always agree, I like to hear your take on the PV, =D This is kind of random, but I actually found you on [ profile] jmusic_uploads because I really like UVERworld, and I saw you had subbed almost all of their PVs. Thank you so much for doing those ^^ Oh, and I can understand your feelings about not subbing anymore if you got fluent because I translate random Chinese songs for fun to practice my Chinese. If you have any random Chinese song you want translated, I might be able to help ^^;; (Unfortunately, I don't know Japanese, otherwise I would have loved to help you out, =____=)

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Date: 2011-06-30 06:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You know I don't think I've ever even listened to a Chinese song :) You see alot of Korean and Japanesse stuff floating around but not a lot of Chinese. But I will keep in in mind if I run acrossed anything. Occasionally there are different languages in PV so it might be helpful.

I haven't really posted a lot in [ profile] jmusic_uploads  this year since I stopped uploading singles and albums but it is good to hear that the post are useful. I'm also be glad when I get UVERworld's discography updated although I think once again they have released a few PVs that aren't on their new album so I have to go track them down. I'll give the JE and most visual kei groups a thumbs up since they at least include their PV on the LE releases. Both UVERworld and TMR are driving me crazy not including them in their LEs. Although I have to admit both group have some awesome Lives included.

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Date: 2011-06-30 07:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have to agree with you. There isn't that much Chinese stuff around, and I haven't been able to find any Chinese rock bands, which is why I'm into visual kei -- because I love rock! XDD Well, I got into Chinese music from watching those idol dramas, haha. But then I also noticed that few Chinese pop artists write their own music/lyrics, so that kind of turned me off. Then again, I'm kind of a sucker for ballads, which is why I still listen to some Chinese music, haha. You know, I've never seen UVERworld live, but that's interesting to know that UVERworld doesn't always include their PVs on their LE.

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Date: 2011-06-30 10:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hello amber ^^ I've seen your works with Babel and they're really well done! The quality is veeery nice *0* Thanks a lot for your hard work *--* Oh, so you're working now on Popolo 2011.04 right? I think I know which scans you're referring to XD I was very surprised too when I saw that long hair in almost every page and I was like "Why couldn't they remove it when they saw the result of the first scan? o_O Now that you'll have your own magazine copy I'm sure you'll scan those pages in awesome quality like you always do but too bad you'll have to work more (scanning, cleaning and typesetting, you're great *---*) Anyway, just in case you want to save some time and effort XD [ profile] shatteredtenshi here scanned that magazine too ^^ I think she'll agree with letting you use her scans so maybe you'd want to check them out and see if the quality is good and if you could work with them ^^ btw, if you're sleepy go and rest dear <3 you deserve it ☺

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Date: 2011-07-01 03:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm glad you like the Babel project I've been working on, I'm still a little unsure since this is the first time I've worked with scantalations or a group project for that matter :) Thank you for the link as well, I'll check it out and see what they look like, since I feel bad having to put off the project for so long. I'm really attached to it since I love the photo shoot and member ai stuff in the article. I'm not one to surf around LJ alot unless I'm looking for something usually all my free time is spent working on various subbing project so I have a harder time finding scan sometimes.


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