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This is the first post of this type for this journal. It is basically an extended version of my twitter post. With me rambling about various music related stuff. It lets you get to know me a little better, and maybe if people comment let me know the people watching this journal a little better and what you are interested in.

I'm sitting here with five different tabs open, two browsers, a IM messenger window, and paintshop pro program along with my laptop open connected to my scanner scanning gazette stuff as I try to get things post. Not only that I'm more that a little grumpy that one: my new kindle is broke, two: weird translator problems.

I'm currently looking for a few more translator so I posted on Yahoo answers. A woman responded so I gave the basic info that I use them to sub pv and will credit her and I pay through paypal and asked her price range. She responds with a something about them being PV(C) c standing for campaign. She wanted to know what business I was associated with @_@ and wanted $.20 a word. I thought strange I'm going to pass on this one. What business would try to find a translator on Yahoo answers or pays through paypal and why pay an unknown translator .2 a word when that is what professional translator charge online. Besides that would be $30 a song way out of my hobby price range :) Less than 12 hours later she emailed me asking what my "deal" was please respond. I tried to be polite but this wouldn't be the start of a good working relationship by badgering me and lecturing me about terminology. I told her that with her price range that would be $30 a song too much for me and this was just a hobby not a business, sorry not interested. She emails me yet again telling me the $30 sounds great she was getting paid less for 6 pages worth of work and she was just worried about fraud please contact her again. There must be a language problem going on here @_@ maybe I should be worried about fraud :D

Oh well, I actually started looking for someone because I got a notice Kagrra live dvd is shipping by the end of the month *bounces* and still don't have any translations along with the fact I do have some request which I still don't have translations for. I still haven't heard from kiwi so I thought I better start looking. If anyone knows of someone willing to translate songs for around $3 to $5 and can find the kanji lyric on Japanese lyric sites let me know.

Other than that this is a week I don't get paid so I haven't bought to much other than a few Arashi concert goods all Aiba related. I did recently watch Scene live trying without success to fall in love with Arashi. I did gain an appreciation for Sho's rapping, a member I only vaguely knew existed, and I did like his solo and bulging biceps :) but Arashi even after listening to all their songs on the live I only picked up two that I might listen to. Let down or something like that and Aiba's solo and if it wasn't Aiba I probably wouldn't listen to the Magical song again either. I love Arashi in everything except their music. Their group love, personality, acting abilities, their mc are way better than Kat-Tun, sorry ^^; But for a music group...

Did I mention my kindle is broke. I feel like crying. The only good thing is I have an audible coupon worth $100 off a kindle that I haven't use yet. But it still means those SMAP paparazzi pic are sailing away without me along the OOP Re:dis album I was looking forward to :( Now that I've had a e-book reader there is no going back to not having one.

Other than that the next babel project is finish and I started on the next one. It is more challenging than I thought it would be and it looks like I'm only going to end up subbing 2 pvs a weeks now. I really did try for three this week but once again problems arose. On the plus side I did get scanning done. Now all I have to do is scan the hsj shops I have. Although I think I might not need to scan them since I'm sure most of Winter 2010 shops have probably been shared and I usually don't use that many HSJ scans. I guess if people ask for them I scan them up.  I do have a huge backlog of other stuff to scan.

Even as I'm typing this I'm scanning the Gazette pamphlet thingy. It isn't really a pamphlet more like a letter size postcard like photos of each member from their last nameless liberty six bullets tour. I don't know a lot about The Gazette I like their older songs and haven't been impressed with their newer ones. The're sexy and stylish so I do keep an eye for them. Aoi's photos are by FAR the best. SEXY :)here is a preview

As for new releases that have popped up Choshinsei has two new singles coming out and SMAP a new charity album. I usually don't buy SMAP music since they are more like Arashi, like the member not the music, but since it is a charity album I might. Choshinsei is a must :P Daichi Miura and Borm new singles have popped up but neither group is a must have so I'll wait and see for them. PSP fanclub also announce Screw's new Single, I'm bouncing here :P, for sep 21 although it isn't listed on cd japan yet.

It's now been several hours since I started this post with me bounce between computers, browsers and tabs. I'm not sure how often I will post rambling post like this twitter is certainly faster but doing it this way let you get to know me a little better as well. So will will see...


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