Mar. 11th, 2011

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This is the first time I've posted anything from Arashi. I much prefer them as actors rather than musicians :} There are only a few song I listen to and I've only bought their Be Free single. That being said Aiba is my favorite out of the group, he caught my attention in My Girl and I've been looking forward to Bartender. Because of that and since Be Free is far and away my favorite Arashi single I bought the shops for it. I'm sure they've been shared countless times on the Arashi communities but since I did scan them for my use I'll go ahead and post them here.
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Mar. 11th, 2011 12:03 pm
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  • Fri, 03:36: 2010 To Be Free Aiba Shops
  • Fri, 03:39: Everything I've got done now is posted. I'm working 10+ hour days for the next 3 days at least so their probably won't be any updates
  • Fri, 03:40: Got the PV and some translations for lesser know bands like Gakido, AND, Monlith so I might be working on subbing some of them soon.
  • Fri, 03:41: Still waiting for D=out Translations :( I would like to get them subbed since they were a request along with Kagrra's newest PV
  • Fri, 03:54: Order most of March preorders including D=Out, Screw, Megaromania, Versailles, LC5, Uverrworld Still have to order ones released on 30th
  • Fri, 03:55: All are LE so I will be subbing all PVs that come with the LEs
  • Fri, 03:56: Also ordered more shops ^_^ Kat-Tun Ultimate Wheels Ueda/Junno/group/mix also will receive the HSJ ones that didn't get sent the last order
  • Fri, 03:57: Not sure if I will pick up anymore Ultimate Wheels since preview of Maru look boring and I didn't like Koki's unshaven look
  • Fri, 03:59: Might get some Tegomass and Kis-my Ft2 shops when I order for the HSJ concert
  • Fri, 04:01: Started subbing Gackt concert DVD but it is very very low priority so don't expect it any time soon
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