Feb. 10th, 2011

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Feb. 10th, 2011 12:18 pm
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  • Thu, 05:33: Got called into work Monday but I have today off instead so hopefully I can get something done :)
  • Thu, 05:34: Ordered Gackt's new concert dvd the dears version from my FC membership I'm wondering how different the concert is from one just released
  • Thu, 05:37: Also preorder Feb releases aoi/ryohei, megamasso,tegomass, & Gakido. Probably sub all the PVs except Tegomass, it will be subbed by others
  • Thu, 05:38: Thinking about order HSJ new shops. I usually order Takaki but his look boring this time so maybe Yabu? Defiantly Inoo his are adorable
  • Thu, 05:39: Was hoping Ultimate Wheels would drop but no sign of them yet and the deadline is today :(
  • Thu, 05:44: Found a few more bands I'm interested in Megaromania is like Versailles but all their stuff is OOP unfortunaly
  • Thu, 05:45: MoNoLith and Lost Ash are also interesting but Lost Ash has no PVs to sub unfortunately
  • Thu, 05:46: Screw has a new release coming out ^o^ still waiting for translations so sub some of their stuff. I looking forward to subbing their PVs
  • Thu, 05:47: Uploading OZ's Pressed flower right now. I know I said I was doing Breakerz but I was really excited when I got the OZ translations
  • Thu, 05:48: I'll work on Breakerz next unless I get sidetracked again ^^;
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