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Thank you everybody for your birthday wishes and gifts ^_^

I just spent the last 8 hours cleaning and typesetting Popolo 4-2011 Kat-Tun part. The magazine came in the mail yesterday so I scanned the sections that interested me last night and when I got up this afternoon I worked on getting it done. It actually took me longer than I thought it would be there was a lot to typeset. Now I'm at a standstill until my other projects are QC. Not that I mind :)

I didn't get a lot of subbing done since I spent the biggest part of today doing the scantalation and yesterday I spent the day scanning, watching the old Kat-Tun concerts, and of course getting drunk :D It was probably one of the most relaxing birthdays I've had in a while. I turned my phone off and just enjoyed a people free day. Surprisingly enough the scans I did yesterday even with a fifth of Rum in me were actually ok. I'm still scanning away on my laptop and the image count is now 426 so that is how many scans I've done. Of course I've had to rescan pages or lost track and scanned a page 2 in the same res and each page has at least 2 scans :)

I did sub on PV yesterday. White Blade by Shojo Lolita 23q. What the hell is with these weird names? Kis-My-ft2, Lolita 23q, Bump of Chicken, Honey L Days... The list go on of weird names. Yes I understand the acronym for Kis but come on is this really a great name for a band? Or Shojo Lolita? I've already ranted about Bump of Chicken before :P Sometimes I really wonder about Japanese music industry *shakes head*

Right now I'm uploading files for posting after that I don't know what I'm going to do. I did start on Gackt's Mirror Unplugged but I'm rather tire so I'm probably going to go back to watching concerts. I've only watched one HSJ ever and I still have a little bit left of Real Face left to watch. I haven't watched the Kat-Tun concerts since I first got into Kat-Tun over a year ago so it has been a while. I got to know Kat-Tun a lot through their concerts and really began to love them after I watched them. You get to see alot of the members personalities through their interactions between members and their solos. They always have alot going on with their concerts besides just singing and MCs which I love alot.

Break the Records is probably my favorite simply because I like the most songs off that record. It has the biggest performances in terms of special effects and Jrs. The members really seem comfortable with each other and there is a lot small little interactions and expression from all the members that I just love. NMP and QOP pirates are tied for second. NMP has a different feel to it with Jin gone the members do seem a lot closer in terms of performance. In the other concerts all the members took off in their own direction and spread out throughout the arena alot but it seems they did that less with NMP. It is also interesting to see how Jin's parts were covered in the concert give their old songs a different feel to them. Not better or worse just different. Of course NMP is my second favorite album as well with a lot of songs I love. It is actually the first concert where I love all the members solos. Finally Junno a decent solo, finally. I don't think I will ever completely forgive him for Samurai love attack. I was a little disappointed Maru didn't do the full Film since it is a song I absolutely adore but I still enjoyed his performance.

As for QOP, I just love the Pirate them of the concert and Yampi's appearance :) Another one with good songs as well. You had the best MC for Kat-Tun with Kame kissing Koki comment and Koki getting jealous of Ueda :P but other than that it is my least favorite one.

As for the Kagrra concert there has been almost zero response for it on the poll so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'll sub it for myself but I'm not sure I'll bother with uploading and posting it. The raws are already avaliable over at [ profile] kagrra_media  so I don't even have to upload them either. It surprised me a little since Kagraa PVs have over 40 downloads for each PV and they are one of the few groups I have posted outside my own journal at Kagrra communities. Rather strange, but oh well :)
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