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I spent the weekend downloading and watching Kis-My-ft2 clips trying to figure first if I'm going to like the group and second which member(s) will be my favorites. There is a shop pre-order, along with concert, and their debut single over at [ profile] je_goods , so I wanted to find out who are I should be ordering or even if I should be :)  I actually was pleasantly surprise by the group and I have a feeling they will take Tegomass's second place position of my favorite JE groups.  Yes, I know I don't buy alot of Tegomass stuff, but I started liking them after they put out most of their single/albums except for Aoi Beach which isn't my fav single from them. 

My only complaint about the group is the same one I had about Kat-Tun before Jin left.  It's a seven member group, yet only two members end up lion share of the singing Fujigaya and Kitayama with Senga occasionally getting a few lines.  Why have a large group if you aren't going to use the members?  No they all can't have lines to sing in one song but that doesn't mean that different songs can use different pairings of members.  Yet almost all the clips I download have Fuijgaya and Kitayama as the main vocalists.  It irks me greatly since I became fond of all the members like I have with Kat-Tun.  I watched on clip where Tamamori sang briefly by himself and I loved his voice.  Maybe that will change after their debut or maybe I just wasn't downloading the right clips, at least that is what I'm hoping :)

I also found it surprising two of my favorite songs from them are slower more mellow songs of Smile and My Love.  Considering I like rock more than pop I thought that songs like Firebeat would be draw me but I ended up choosing two of the more JE like songs to adore :)  I have to admit I do enjoy Hair, 3-D Girl, and Firebeat, but I love the lyrics and gentleness of Smile and My Love even more.  I'm not even going to comment on Kis-my-calling that instantly reminded me of SMAP :P

I have to admit I was pretty lost trying to figure who was who on the non music clips where they mixed in other Jrs.  I have absolutely no clue about the Jrs even the popular ones so I was trying to figure out if they were part of Kis-my-Ft2 or not :D   Not to mention the members have changed over the years which didn't help.  I finally got the Kis members sort out even through the various looks although don't throw me one of their nicknames yet, or you'll lose me again.

And I'm sure people are going to gasp but Who is Koyama?  He cohost Shounen club with Nakamaru so I assume he is with a debut group and he does look familiar...  Yes I know I wouldn't be be able to pass a JE quizz, I'm pretty cluless outside of Kat-Tun

Also what is  going on with the skates?  I noticed them in the Kat-tun concerts as well. Is it a Jrs. thing or a Kiss-My-ft2 thing? I guess it is a unique thing about them but honestly I wouldn't miss them if they lost their skates after their debut.  I admit it amazed me watching Nikaido doing flips with them on, I don't know how he managed to practice that stun without breaking his head o_O  but I think skates = kids especially four wheel skates so I really wouldn't miss them.

As for who you'll probably see floating around this journal for members shop Nikaido is the top one for Kis-My-ft2, pretty much like Ueda for Kat-Tun.  I kind of miss that for HSJ since I don't have a definite fav among HSJ. You'll probably see alot of Senga and Kitayama as well.  With a few Tamamori and Miyata.  The rest probably not at all.  Ironic I bought Fujigaya concert set but after watching the clips he drop down to last position, although I don't dislike him.  I already order Nikaido's live shop set and them Nikaido/Senga/Kitayama offshot shop set, along with Nikaido and Senga individual single of Everybody go.  It's really going to suck if I don't like their debut song since I'll end up with 5 copies of the various editions, but I don't want to miss the chance of getting the individual singles since they aren't available at cdjapan and who knows how fast the LEs will go OOP.

No Kat-Tun shops this time around, mainly because sets of any of the pvs for the members are around $80 and I always buy complete sets.  There are a few things like D's LE single that I want to pick up this month along with updating my virus protection.  I'm done buying White but I'm still eying Ultimate Wheels Kame/Koki longingly.  Of course by the time the next preorder rolls I'll probably be buying their next shop sets for Runaway. 

As for subbing I'm off the next four days since I took a vacation day for my birthday tomorrow, or maybe today in a few more minute.  So I'm hoping to get a little more done than usual. Masquerade the normal version ,that has been a pain in the butt, is finally encoded and uploading.  WB has a pretty tight lock down on the PV and I ended up having to find two different files since the first one wouldn't encode right.  D=Out's Pchepychedilico is encoding right now.  I was going to work on Tackey&Tsubasa's other PV from their album that I had a request for next but not now.  I like some of T&T but not their latest PVs at least no a lot. Since s it is my birthday I want to work on something I'm going to enjoy for myself instead of request for someone else.  After tomorrow I can work on T&T stuff :)

I'm also scanning the latest issue of Arena37A with Gackt.  I've actually finished Gackt's page now only 47 more to go a various groups that interest me.  Yamapi and HSJ are in this issue along with Sug, The Kiddie, Vivid, The Gazette, TMR, and a few more I've forgotten about :)  It's actually less time consuming to scan mags but more of a bother since the scanning takes less time so I have to stop what I'm doing to turn pages sooner than when I'm doing shops.

I'm still crying over Gackt's buzz-cut :(  I admit after looking at the Arena spread the no hair look really brings out the beauty of Gackt's face but ....  EEwww I just DO NOT like buzz-cut, I love long hair.  It is the first way to get my attention  I love Gackt in Moonchild partly because of that long hair.  Looking at his new look did remind me of one of my co-workers looking at one of Diablos's clearfiles asked me if Gackt was a woman :P  He really does have an almost pretty look to him, that is really emphasized now. I'm really hoping first that he will grow it back out, and secondly that he will release a few more singles.  I only had one last year, I'm hoping that isn't the new trend.  I would really like to see some new songs by Gackt that aren't remixes.
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