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Jun. 9th, 2011 12:05 pm
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  • Thu, 00:42: Translation by Calcifer . Subbed by Ambers79 Comments:   It's been a while since I subbed a BreakerZ pv even …
  • Thu, 00:49: BreakerZ ClimberXClimber PV English and Romaji Subbed
  • Thu, 01:14: Back-ON One Step PV English and Romaji Subbed
  • Thu, 01:35: Not much new this week. I emailed Kiwi hopefully I can get some translations done for recent requests
  • Thu, 01:36: Still haven't touched my scanner. Kat-tun and Smap shop are collecting dust ^^; Maybe next week....
  • Thu, 01:37: I've been buried in new releases lately but it looks like July will be a light month so maybe I can work on some older pvs finally
  • Thu, 01:38: Haven't heard anything about Kagrra dvd yet. deadline was the beginning of the month so who know? Hopefully soon they will give date
  • Thu, 01:38: Forgot to order Coca Otoko album so it will be July before I get it now
  • Thu, 01:39: I did ask Kiwi to translate one of their songs so maybe I just search around for that pv and update when I get the album
  • Thu, 01:40: Joined Babel subbing/scantalation team. They do Kat-Tun stuff only
  • Thu, 01:41: Looks like I will be doing more scantalation stuff for them. I had to dust off my paint shop pro
  • Thu, 01:43: Working on Kame's latest Anan issue. Not sure how well I'm doing since it has been a while and this is different from photo-manipulations
  • Thu, 01:43: I don't think I can post it in my journal but I will post a links to their entries of the stuff I do for them
  • Thu, 01:44: It will cut down on the amount of subbing I do but I'm not sure how much yet.
  • Thu, 01:50: Angelo is releasing a concert dvd. It's tempting... I probably won't sub it though. The thought of doing Kagrra is scary enough :)
  • Thu, 01:51: I've realized I'm only a few PVs of have all D=Out PVs done so I'm looking into getting translations for the remaining pvs
  • Thu, 01:54: Nightmare Vermilion PV English and Romaji Subbed
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